Chat Specials

Chat Specials of RubyBingo’s schedule for the Cabaña Café and the Liberty Lounge starts at Midnight on Sunday/Monday October 18th thru Sunday October 24th! HOURLY DRAWING – Once again this week RubyBingo’s CMs will be keeping track of chatters who stay IN chat and IN the games, and will be awarding a $5 bonus … [Read more…]

Las Vegas

What’s on in Las Vegas? National Finals Rodeo and other latest top picks Las Vegas long ago put aside its image of the gambling mecca that flourished under the mob when Nevada legalized casinos in 1931. Since then, it has evolved from a seedy gambling town to glitzy showgirl glam-a-rama to a family vacation destination … [Read more…]

Vegas Partner

VegasPartner joins Tomb Rider video slot trend VegasPartner has announced the addition of 5 fantastic new games at its Viper Casinos (Sun Vegas, Crazy Vegas, 777 Dragon, Cinema Casino and Maple) at the end of this week. They are sure to make for an even more phenomenal gaming experience. Players now has a chance to … [Read more…]

US slot

US slot machines take in over $1 billion in wagers daily Nearly 40 million Americans played a slot machine in 2003, according to an annual survey of casino gambling conducted by Harrah’s Entertainment and published by The New York Times Magazine, reported. “Each day in the United States, slot machines take in an average … [Read more…]

UK Casinos

UK casinos lure American and African operators Major international casino operators are planning to invest GBP3.5 in developing the casino industry in Britain, which is now considered to be one of the most attractive places for the gambling business. The advantages of location in the UK are related to favourable legislation, which can be very … [Read more…]